meet our team

Beko Kaygee
Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, Course Tutor, Assessor, International Presenter and Master Trainer; Beko Kaygee has been promoting exercise, health and well being for 19 years. His programmes cover a wide range of activities including Dance, Martial Arts & Holistic Health Disciplines. His primary emphasis is on making all exercise Fun, Safe and Accessible to anyone and is always willing to train, learn and seek out new inspiration for his clients and class participants. Even travelling as far as China and India to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the living and moving arts. Director of ‘F3 Fitness’, founder of the ‘F3 Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy’ and presently developing the ‘F3 Yoga School’, Beko is the creator of Yoga Vibes™, Capoeira Fitness (UK), ‘Bend It With Beko’ and ‘Blade’ - the movie inspired workout. He has written an array of course manuals, as well as writing for and appearing in, several mainstream fitness magazines. Additionally, Beko has also recorded a number of Fitness Instructional DVDs and featured in online downloadable education videos for fitness companies such as FitPro™, Jumpy Bumpy™ and The Fitness Industry Group. Not to mention his television appearance as a Qigong and Tai Chi trainer on the Channel 4/ E4 television series ‘Made in Chelsea’.
Robert Charlemagne
Started teaching in 1992, combining his knowledge from a professional contemporary, jazz background with a mix of New York, Cuban and L.A. style to create a funky fresh new look to Salsa. First teachers were Xiomra and Nelson Batista, and many other teachers around the world after. Starting out with a class of five pupils at the University College of London as a paid teacher working one day a week, classes soon grew and word spread’ In 1993, Robert entered the UK Salsa competition and came second two years in a row. He then went on to enter the European Salsa Competition in Copenhagen, representing the UK. This is where he realized there is more to Salsa dancing then just moves, and that the way moves wear executed meant a whole lot more. Returning to London a complete Salsa junkie, armed with new moves picked up from experienced dancers and dance teachers from all over the world, Robert became a unique Salsa teacher. Robert has traveled to Greece, Hong Kong, Oslo, France, Gambia, Washington, Bangkok, Holland, Italy and Sweden, (to name a few), teaching workshops around the world. 1994 Represented the UK as a judge in the Rome Salsa Dance Competition 1998 & 1999 Represented the UK at the European Salsa Festival in Holland 1999 Represented the UK in the Washington Salsa Festival, and many others. In 1998 became a member of the United Kingdom Alliance ( U.K.A.) Salsa Division. Robert is now considered one of the leading Salsa teachers in the UK, and September 1999 won an award for best teacher in the UK 2002 UK Salsa Congress, Top teacher award. 2003 Norwegian Salsa Congress, Life Time Contribution Award. 2009 Sexy Latin Dance Festival Special Teachers Award. 2010 Salsa Central Top UK Salsa teacher award
Tammika and Craig
South Wales based Tammika Hopkins started Flamin' Heels 10 years ago, where she has been successful teaching Salsa and other Latin dances. 3 years ago with husband Craig they set up Zumba South Wales, and and have now combined all aspects of their work under the name of Energize Dance & Fitness, as their work has taken on a whole new avenue to reach their students. Classes are booming with their vitality and Tammika's own unmistakable charm of reaching their students. Fitness is very important in their lives and they bring this vibe to their students who come back week after week enjoying the whole experience they get at classes. Both Tammika and Craig believe that everyone should feel good about themselves and aim to help students achieve this with tie fun way at classes. They now have 5 instructors who work for them as part of Energize and although the business has expanded, believe in keeping themselves available for their students at all times. Dance and Fitness is for everybody, no matter what your shape or what they truely belive.......... They now offer: Salsa Zumba - all aspects Bokwa Raunch - Stiletto Workout Power Hoop Kettlercise Urban Rebound Kanga Jumps
DJ Paulito SalsaFlava
Paulito Love for Salsa Music and Dance can always be felt through his enthusiasm, passion, warmth & energy. Having been introduced to Salsa as early as 2002 he found his niche straight away. After extensive training and achieving a Diploma he started teaching Salsa shortly after in 2003. In 2004 Paulito founded Salsa Flava and has never looked back. He has inspired 1000’s into the salsa scene & today he teaches and DJ’s weekly. He also took time to perform extensively in 2006 & 2007 with his Salsaton shows! Paulito has also been inspired to arrange salsa dance holidays since 2006 and to date has done 12 trips to Cuba his main destination plus other exotic destinations to include Hong Kong, Turkey, Brazil and many more. Focusing more also on his DJ’ing since late 2007 he has now earned the reputation as a renowned DJ both in the UK salsa scene and Internationally as well with his talent for reading his crowd. You will always find his dance floor packed. He guarantees the latest and greatest dance floor fillers as he skilfully selects.
Carl and Alex
Carl & Alex started Salsa about 10 years ago, and just fell in love with it. After a couple of years learning and starting to teach, they had an amazing opportunity to go to America and teach and learn all about dance out there with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Then coming back to Wales in 2007 decided to open their company; Dancing Fever. Primarily teaching Cross Body Lead Salsa, they can also teach Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rueda and Dips & Tricks. Each lesson they teach, as well as trying to bring across a strong technical base they always try and make the class fun and easy to understand.
Eileen McCotter
Eileen McCotter has been in the Fitness Industry for 20 years, as a qualified personal trainer, life coach, nutritionalist and NLP practicioner. Eileen natural ability is to motivate everyone who attends her lectures or classes, as she translates complex health and fitness information into a down to earth and simple format so everyone leaves with a personal plan of how to improve their health. Her main focus is coaching participants to see and appreciate their own unique skills and talents.
Chhristine David
I am qualified to teach a variety of classes - Pilates,...Water Workout, Aerobiking and Step and I am an official Zumba Instructor. I have been teaching Zumba for 2 ½ years, and absolutely love it. It gives me the opportunity to fuse my love of fitness with my life-long love of music and dancing. I have been dancing Salsa for 5 years and Kizomba for nearly 3 and I love incorporating these dances as well lots of other dance styles into my Zumba classes. I’m friendly and approachable and I’m used to working and communicating with all types of people from all walks of life. I always ensure my classes are fun but give my clients a good workout.