Polka Dot & Stripes Party 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018
Event Details

Hey Guys
You, your family and friends are all invited to this amazing party designed to bring all the UFD family together for a colourful night of fun and musical enjoyment. Over the years we’ve had so many different events form Royal Ascot to weekenders to holidays to weekly fitness classes, that it’s now a great idea to have an end of year reunion style party with an original fun theme to bring the Crew together

This all takes place onboard the stylish TEREZA JOANNE in King William Dock, Docklands E16 2GY. This boat is permanently moored so it will not be cruising along the river but instead will be stationary providing a stunning view of the London Docklands skyline during the night. Please come wearing either POLKA DOT or STRIPES or both if wish. There is no colour code so the brighter the spots and stripes the better – prizes for the best dressed! Please no denim or trainers. There will be a FREE scrumptious FINGER BUFFET which will be served between 10pm-12am, it could be longer but certainly between these times; so, come on, come out early and make the most of the night. There will also be a FREE RAFFEL giving you a chance of winning prizes in excess of £500 - Personal Training being one of them. To add even more fun, look out for the sporadic Line Dances throughout the night!!

The minimum age of entry is 21yrs but please note. EVERYBODY MUST BRING PHOTO ID - either PASSPORT OR DRIVING LICENSE. This is a legal requirement irrespective of your age and is now common place for entry into many of London’s night clubs.

SharkyDJ (10-11:30pm), for the first hour and half will lead an open salsa session, which will be great for those who love the Latin flavour. Don’t worry if you cannot dance salsa as we’ll have teachers there who will help guide you through your steps, it’s all in good fun!!

DJ Funki B (11:30pm-12:15am) is a dear friend of mine from back in my ‘Boogie Boy’ days. He has vast knowledge of the original Rare Groove music (not always slow) and will be playing a short set specially for the mature dancers to take us down memory lane when dancing (flinging foot) was the main purpose for being out!

DJ Lewis ‘Mastermind’ of Mi Soul Radio & Nigel B of Special Touch (12:15-4am). These two epic DJs will be mixing up the session right trough to 4am. They’ll be playing an eclectic blend of music covering all genres from Reggae Dancehall, Lovers, Revival to Soul, Funk, R&B, etc. These guys are heavy weight masters of the good groove so they’ll know exactly how to throw it down to keep you smiling and the party pumping.


The Tereza Joanne has lots of FREE parking spaces and is located close to Gallions Reach Retail Park. Nearest tube Gallions Reach DLR. If driving from north follow signs to Woolwich Ferry and you’ll see the boat on the right by the bridge. At this point make a series of left turns so that you go under the bridge and emerge at the same side near the boat. If driving from south towards Gallions Reach you’ll see the boat on the left so you’ll make a right turn and then left turns, in any event it will be sign posted.